I always considered myself as a lucky guy.

I am lucky to have London escorts from https://escortsinlondon.sx in my life. I was born into a great family. I was the favourite child and my all my relatives loved me. And I know why because I am lucky. That’s the only explanation I could think. Even when I was born my mom always told me that she had no problems giving birth to me it all went according to plan. Unlike my brother and sister which caused him a lot of problems. I was the most loved of all grandchildren. My grandfather loved me so much that he gave me part of his property in his last will. It is still unreal to me now, while my grandmother always bought me toys and food growing up. I also lived comfortable and healthy. My teachers most of the time I had no issues with at high school they were always the good ones, and I didn’t have much trouble passing them. But some people were unfortunate, many were unlucky and got teachers that were much more strict and harder to pass than I have. My best friend was always jealous of me because I still passed my subject with little to no effort while he studied hard always to pass his subjects.


I also got fortunate with my first girlfriend. Her name is Marisa; she was the kindest soul that ever loved me even though I was not an exceptional student like her or her friends. She always helps me with my life in school and outside. She was still there for me when my dad left us for a new family. She was my rock. Even if I had committed a lot of mistakes in our relationship Marisa always forgave me and gave me another shot. But I still tore her heart when I got to college; I broke up with her just because i was afraid of a long distance relationship. She went to college far from me, and I wasn’t able to be strong for her. I was blessed to have Marisa in my life, but I just threw it away anyway. When I got a job working for my uncles firm, I immediately got promoted only because of my uncle favouring me over others.


Giving me the position without earning it, while others were more deserving of the job. Working for my uncle was very stressful for me, and it started to affect my health. I was not able to properly take care of my health. All time I had it’s always for work. I struggled very hard in my job because I was not qualified and yet I still accepted the position. I had to find a way to relieve me of stress and help in my life. So I booked a London escort. I needed somebody to take care of me because I was not happy anymore at work. Booking escorts always help me find happiness in my life of constant stress and pressure. I am still lucky to have London escort service helping me in my life.


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