My friends are so surprised that I became an escort.

Yes, I did used to have a good job looking after old people in a home, but it was not really enough for me. I have always been a rather ambitious kind of girl, and that is why I ended up joining Kings Cross escorts of In many ways I felt like I was not making enough out of my life, and to be sure that I made some more money, I joined the escort service in Kings Cross as a part time escort first of all. When I was sure that I liked it, I started to work full time.

The way I figured it was that I could always go back to working in the nursing home if I did not like it. I did not want to lose touch with the home altogether, so I joined there lunch service a couple of times per week. This is where old people could go to get a hot meal for not very much and it was a popular community service. The pay was not great, but it was something that I could do before I went into Kings Cross escorts in the early evening.

For some reason, it did not take me very long to build up a following at the escort agency in Kings Cross. I am not sure how it happened but for some reason I ended up dating a lot of senior lonely gents at Kings Cross escorts. When I say senior, I mean gentlemen in the ages of between 50 and 60 years old. For some reason they seemed to be attracted to me, and I guess that it may have something to do with my rather caring style. I did enjoy their company and I think that shone through when I was dating.

A couple of the gents were rather interested in me as a person. I soon noticed a difference between younger and senior gents. Senior gents had more time for you and liked to talk a lot. I soon realised that a lot of them were very lonely, and really just needed some company. The other girls at Kings Cross escorts did not really agree with me, and said that they were not there to keep lonely gents company. I did not see it that way, and before I knew it, my dating diary was full of senior gents.

This made the other girls at the escort agency in Kings Cross pay attention. They noticed that I was really busy and was in fact the busiest our of all of the girls at Kings Cross escorts. Not only that, but I was getting some great tips as well, and we are not talking race horse tips here. The girls at Kings Cross escorts soon realised that they had done the wrong thing by turning away senior gents, but it was a bit too late by then. You see, it does not really matter what you do. If you like what you do, you are going to do well at you job and it does not matter if that is for an escort agency or working for a nursing home in London. Just love the one you are with at all times.

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