Is there a secret society of escorts in Mayfair?

There are a lot of rumors that there is a secret society of escorts in Mayfair. It seems that not all girls who want to become VIP or elite escorts in Mayfair make it. Some girls who are on the outside looking in, are beginning to wonder if there is a secret society of escorts in Mayfair. Do they only award jobs and top position to certain ladies, and what do escorts know about their dates. Some guys even claim that some of the top escorts in Mayfair have formed a secret society.

Why would top Mayfair escorts of want to form a secret society? Could it be that some of these girls date certain elite guys, and they do not want to be indiscreet about their dates? Many of the girls who work for the top Mayfair agencies do have some very famous guys who like to come and see them. It is said that the society was started back in the 60’s by a very famous Madame. She did not want elite guys to fell threaten by escorts, and therefore only appointed certain girls to work as escorts. This could very well be true as many of Mayfair top elite seem to frequent certain escorts agencies in Mayfair.

So, what do these special Mayfair escorts do? It seems that many of these ladies do date the elite guys of Mayfair, and pass certain information in between them. When a guy turns up at the door of an escort who is a member of the society, she immediately knows his taste and his personal dating preferences. There is no need to explain, and the guy’s needs and desires are immediately taken care of in a very personal sort of way. This may have been going for a long time.

At the end of the day, it is probably very comfortable for these guys to date certain Mayfair escorts. They know that they can trust the escorts that they date, and their names are not going to end up in the paper. This can often happen when there are girls who decide to go for a quick buck, and sign to tell it all story contract with a leading newspaper. Just look at Jeffrey Archer, he was very much mislead by at least a couple of Mayfair escorts. Everything ended up in the papers and had disastrous consequences for Mr. Archer. Perhaps it is indeed best to stick to certain escorts.

How do you gain entry into the secret society of Mayfair escorts? Some girls who have wanted to become elite escorts have tried to access the society but no one has succeeded. It is said that this society is not that different from the Masons, and have girls who have been initiated at different levels. Some girls are free to date business men, other girls may date high ranking politicians. The jury is still out on if this society exists or not, but more than likely it does.

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