Am I His Personal Confessor?

A couple of years back, I met this nice Christian guy at a coffee shop in London. We started to got out but when he found that I worked for London escorts, the relationship finished. Not only did he want to remain a virgin until he married but at the same time he could not reconcile his moral ethos with having a girlfriend who worked for a London escorts. But we managed to stay friends and keep in touch on a regular basis.

It has turned out to be one of those rather one way relationships. I am not sure that he is really suitable boyfriend material for any girl out there. In fact, I am pretty sure that he is not. Most girls, even Christian girls, would like to try the goods before they commit to buying them, and he does not seem to understand that at all. Perhaps I am much more in touch with real life as I like to call it because of my London escorts career than he will ever be. However, he has long since stopped lecturing me about London escorts, and just accept my lifestyle.

But I must admit that there are a few things about him which is beginning to get to me. He calls me up when he breaks up with a girl and seems to want to emotionally dump on me. It does not matter what time it is, and as by magic, it seems to be when I have just finished my shift with London escorts and would like to go home to put my feet up. I am sure he knows that I am tired after working all night at the best London escorts agency website, but he does not seem to care at all.

If he acts that way towards me, how does he act towards his girlfriends? Recently I have been thinking about that a lot, and after his last relationship disaster, I did mention it to him. Let’s put it this way, he had a bit of a prima donna moment on the fine, and told me that I did not care. The question is, how much can you care when you are not prepared to listen? During my time with London escorts, I have learned that no one is perfect. This goes for this guy as well.

Just because you are a Christian you have no right to take the moral high ground as I like to say him. What right does he really have to condemn me and my career with London escorts? If the Christian ethos is all about forgiving and understanding, is he really such a good Christian? Not only am I tired of him emotionally dumping on me all of the time. I think that he really needs to examine his own values and figure out what his life is all about before he start to pass judgments on others. That seems to be what he is doing when he breaks up with his girlfriends. I am pretty sure that is not mentioned in the Ten Commandments.

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