My Dream Date with Essex Escorts



Dating Essex escorts from seems to be something that has taken over my life and my mind. Last night, I could not close my eyes without the hot babes coming into my mind. I know that I should not be having such dreams about the girls from the local Essex escort service, but I cannot help it. They are such stunning little sex kittens that I cannot stop them from invading my mind.


Last night, just before I feel asleep, I thought that I had one of the voices from the girls that I date at Essex escorts. She was asking me to hold the lift door and I thought it was very strange as I do not have a lift in my bedroom. Anyway, I drifted off to sleep but the dream soon came back again. Now I was convinced that it was real and even thought that I could hear the door close to the lift.


In my head I can hear Angela’s voice as clear as day. She is busy trying to pull my trousers down. As she does so, she slowly starts to bend down, and I am become aware that she is giving me a blow job. But she appears not to be the only girl from Essex escorts in the lift. When I look up from Angela, I noticed that a hot brunette called Maya seems to have joined as well. She has just pressed the hold button on the lift, and is buy taking her knickers off. She is doing it very slowly and looking at me all of the time. It is really turning me on, and I can feel myself building up.


Angela gives up on the blow job, and I stand there all ready to go. She goes over to Maya and starts licking her like mad. Maya, who is a really hot girl at Essex escorts, is moaning like mad. I look at her and her eyes have completely glazed over. It looks really sex and I know that I need to enjoy some pleasure myself. I go over to my Maya and put her bum in the air. She is as wet as anything, and slowly I start to enter her. She comes alive and I can feel her holding me inside her.


A couple of minutes I must have woken up. I am half in and half out of bed, and I am convinced that Maya and Angels from Essex escorts are in the bedroom some place. I turn on the light but I cannot find the girls anywhere at all. It must have been a dream after all. It is the sort of dream that your own sexual fantasies can treat you to at times. The next time that I meet up with the girls from Essex escort services, I am going to tell them all about my dream. I hope they don’t mind at all, but I have this feeling that they will be as excited about it as I was at the time.



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