How do you become an Oxford Circus escort?

Looking at the photos provided by many of the agencies, you will notice that the majority of Oxford Circus girls look like models and porn stars. The fact is that many of the Oxford Circus ladies have been models or porn stars, and have switched to becoming escorts. It makes you wonder why but the simple truth is that they can earn more as Oxford Circus girls.

The girls who work in Oxford Circus always do their best to look after themselves, and looking stunning to perfection is not an easy task. It takes hours working out at the gym, and you will need a lot of beauty treatments as well to look your best. All of these things don’t come cheap, and is one of the reasons behind the high rates charged by Oxford Circus courtesans.

oxford circus escort

One of the things that I have learned during all my years in the escorts business, is that the gents that date Oxford Circus escorts are only looking for the best. Oxford Circus escorts are some of the most well paid escorts in London, and can earn as much as £650 per hour for their courtesan services.

A lot of London girls who work around town aim to become Oxford Circus escorts, but the road to get there is very long indeed. To qualify for anOxford Circus escorts agency you need to have many special attributes, not everyone can join anOxford Circusescort’s agency and become successful.

Many of the ladies who do become Oxford Circus courtesan have worked in the escorts business for a long time, and may even have worked overseas. A lot of the ladies come with their own personal regulars who may be international business men. Many of these men follow the escorts around, and they will know exactly where their favorite girl is dating. As they are international business men, they often travel the world and have the opportunity to visit and play with the best of the best.


Your personality is vital as well. All Oxford Circus ladies need to have a certain personality. The best way to describe what anOxford Circus girl needs to take with her to work every morning is; open mindedness, sensuality and sophistication. Many of the gents that they date are very well off and rich, and they do expect to be able to meet a very refined and special escort in Oxford Circus.

All Oxford Circus courtesans that I have ever met have that special touch, and will know how to make their dates comfortable. They look after their dates in a certain way, and provide them with the best surroundings money can buy. If, you are ever lucky enough to visit anOxford Circus boudoir you will certainly notice the difference straight away.

You may presume that Oxford Circus girls are not busy but they certainly are, they are probably some of the busiest escorts in London. Arranging a date with a favorite Oxford Circus escort needs to be thought out, and most gentlemen have certain escorts they like to enjoy an afternoon with. That means that they need to book at least a few days in advance to be able to meet with their favorite sexy companion.

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