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The Playboy magazine used to be all in many years ago, and there was even a Bunny Club in London. All of that has changed now, and we seem to be into hard porn instead. If you like, Playboy was very much soft porn. The other day I noticed that one of my gent at Berkshire escorts was carrying a copy of Playboy in his briefcase. I asked he read Playboy and he said that he thought it was a lot “softer” than other publications that we see to do. That is certainly true.


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If you like, today’s porn is a bit like a hard and soft Brexit. Nobody really knows what the difference in between the two are in real terms. I have spoken to a couple of the gents that I date at Berkshire escorts and they seem unsure. A couple of them are a bit older and seem to be able to remember the glory days of Playboy. At one time, it was not really a top shelf magazine at all one gent told me. You used to be able to find a little bit of everything in Playboy, even health advice.
Most of the gents that I date at Berkshire escorts seem to be into hard core magazine now. When I look at them, I notice that many of the girls do not have any clothes on and they even use sex toys one each other in the photos. When you take a look at Playboy, you will soon find that many of the girls still have got clothes on and are photographed nicely. I understand that things might be changing now when Hugh Heffner’s son is taking over. He wants the Playboy empire become sexier and that will include nude images.
It is too much really and I think that we are just so used to seeing hardcore stuff that it has become normal. I would say that some of the gents that I date at Berkshire escorts are real porn addicts. They cannot stay away from porn and even watch it on their phones. I would hate to be like that and it seems like many of them do live very shallow lives. When I look at my own life, I notice that I have a lot more going on then porn and sex all of the time. That kind of makes me feel good about myself.
Should your life revolve around porn and sex? I am not sure that those two should be the only factors that influence your life. When I was younger, I used to think that they were going to be dominant factors in my life. Sure I enjoy my job at Berkshire escorts, and I do well at, but I am not going to let it control everything. When I finish my shift at Berkshire escort services, I go home to enjoy different things. I am sure that many of my gents would benefit from a change of scenery. How you get them to understand that, I am not sure about at all. It could be that many of them actually are porn addicts.

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